Praised as a “true wanderlust film”: Untie The Lines is a movie about one woman’s determination to grab hold of her dream and making it reality, embarking on a three year long solo sailing adventure. This movie triggers our „Fernweh“, the wish to break away from the norm and to pursue our dreams.


Nike decides to quit her business career and let go of the comforts of home in her early thirties. She reduces her belongings to the essentials and buys an old sailboat in Panama. Even though she has very little sailing experience, she dreams to set sails with her boat that she calls “Karl” – all by herself.
The casting off is a big challenge: The boat’s condition was a lot worse than expected, the engine fails continuously and the hull is damaged from corrosion. Quickly, two months of planned repairs turn into twelve. Nike is starting to doubt her own abilities and begins to wonder if she made a big mistake in buying such a work-intensive boat. But she does not give up and finally makes her dream come true – she unties the lines.
What follows is a fascinating circumnavigation of the Western Caribbean, a roller coaster ride through tears and utter bliss. Again and again, she has to leave her comfort zone. Watch Nike transform from a landlubber into a salty sailing woman, who adapted her needs and skills to the rules of the ocean, forming a beautiful unity between her and her boat “Karl”.


Nike documents all of her endeavors on camera. She entertains over 52.000 followers worldwide that join her in her epic journey on YouTube. Each week, she uploads a new episode, portraying the ups and downs of her dream to live on a sailboat and to travel the world by sea.

Patrice Lange crawled through those hours of self-made video material, travelled to Panama to shoot interviews with Nike and her friends. He talked to her sister and parents, and created a full-lenght-movie with back ground information, charts and unseen footage.